Pet Food And More - Delivered to Your Door !
Greetings Pet Lovers ... Welcome to White Rock Pet Food Delivery

White Rock Pet Food Delivery has provided convenient pet food delivery to customers homes in
the Dallas area since 2001. East Dallas owner and operator, Laurie Shwiff, endeavors to promote
healthy foods and treats for dogs and cats which are free of by-products, free of wheat, soy and
corn and free of chemical preservatives. White Rock Pet Food Delivery sells commercially prepared
frozen raw diets, frozen raw mixes and grinds, frozen raw meaty bones and recreational bones,
grain-free dry
kibble diets, grain free canned diets and grain free treats for dogs and cats. In
addition, cat litter, grooming supplies and nutritional supplements for the health, well-being and
vitality of your pet are available.

Check out our website or call Laurie at 214-327-6351. She will assist you in selecting foods and
treats that are right for your pets’ individual needs and right for your budget.

If you don't see the product you are looking for on our website, please ask.   There are many
products that we do not stock but will gladly order for you.   We can get almost anything!  

Call or email for help in picking the right food for your pet or with questions.  I'd love to help you.
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For more information call 214.327.6351
email us at